Frequently Asked Questions

How are the scores sent?

After you’ve completed the purchase, we immediately sen both the invoice and a download link to the scores you bought. They are sent to the email address that you gave at checkout. The process is automatic and normally happens within seconds. Follow the download link and download the sheet music in PDF format to your computer and print!

I didn’t receive an email nor a download link!

First, check the spam folder of your email account – unfortunately, sometimes these emails get filtered there. If you still don’t find the email from us,  please contact us via email at info(a) and we will manually send you your receipt and the PDF file(s) as soon as possible.

How long is the download link valid for?

The download link expires in 30 days since the date of purchase.

How many copies can I make from the sheet music I purchased? Can I share it with others?

You can print an unlimited amount of copies for your personal use. In addition we recommend to keep a backup on your hard drive.

Our terms of use however forbid sharing the the sheet music outside the personal use; one purchase means one license for one player.

Can I cancel the purchase and/or be refunded?

Because of the nature of digital products they cannot be refunded unless we somehow haven’t been able to fulfill our part of the purchase and send the sheet music to you. Please always take a good look at the preview images before completing the order to make sure they are what you are looking for.