Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes


Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes is a well-known English folk song. The lyrics by Ben Jonson are from 1616, but the tune itself was composed later. The history of the musical tune itself is not clear; but it appears to be one of those folk songs whose roots are so old and undocumented that they can’t be credited to a specific composer.

This accordion arrangement makes this beautiful song also beatiful on the instrument. Choose a soft registration and play slowly enough! Also, try to listen carefully to the bass line and make it “sing” or “discuss” with the right hand melody.

There are also chords written above the staff. This makes the sheet music useful for different kinds of groups or ensembles regardless of the instruments.

Additional information

Product type

Accordion sheet music (PDF)


Traditional / Unknown


D major

Pages (A4)



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