La Bamba


La Bamba is one of the most iconic songs of the early rock and roll era. Ritchie Valens recorded it in 1958, only a year before his tragic death in a plane crash.

The accordion arrangement has been made after intensive listening of Valens’s recording. You can actually find the famous bass riff in the accordion’s left hand, while it’s been done so that it is not too difficult to play. This is a three chord piece, so only chords you need are C, F, and G major.

If you find the written version just a bit too difficult to play as such, feel free to leave the lower notes of the two-voice chords away. That way, the right hand will only have the pure melody.

PS. The original guitar solo of the Ritchie Valens’s recording is also transcribed in the score! Enjoy!

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Accordion sheet music (PDF)


Traditional / Unknown


C major

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