Volver is a tango by Uruguayan singer Carlos Gardel (also known from his song Por una Cabeza). It has later been covered my many other singers, including such names as Julio Iglesias and the vocal ensemble Il Divo.

This accordion arrangement has been made by closely listening to the original recording from 1934. If you can, play the melody somewhat rubato (improvising the rhytms a little bit) but always keep the left hand rhytmically very exact – like a watch. This is the secret of great tango playing with accordion!


The chord symbols are written in the anglo-american way, thus

  • “B” is a natural, “white” note.
  • “Bb” is flat, “black” note
  • If you come from a German-speaking or Nordic country, replace the chord “B” with chord “H”.

There are many shlash chords in the score, just like in the original version. This means that the chord and the bass note are not the same: for example D/F# means D major chord with F# bass note. If this feels too difficult, you can always play in a simpler way and play the root bass note (D instead of F#).

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Accordion sheet music (PDF)


Gardel, C.


D major, D minor

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